Omnia DeFi — Platform For Real World Asset Tokenization

Blockchain is believed to be the best breakthrough of the last decade. It is said that way because blockchain has opened up new opportunities in all industrial sectors in the world. It’s not just revolutionizing the financial system with a new currency called crypto, it’s much more than that. We can simply do anything with blockchain and now, with blockchain, the world’s physical assets can be tokenized. All of that will be made possible by Omnia DeFi.

Tokenization is a protocol that allows physical assets to be converted into a number of tokens. Asset owners can sell fractions of their assets and people can buy fractions of assets in tokens. On Omnia DeFi, each asset has an index number that represents data on the total value stored and assurance attached to an asset. The index number is divided into n number of fractions indicating a fixed total number of available tokens tied to that asset. Supported assets that can be tokenized are artworks and real estate. Owners of these assets can convert their assets into tokens and sell 49% of the total tokens and retain 51% ownership. Anyone including the unbanked will be able to access Omnia DeFi. Omnia DeFi aims to be the largest tradable real-world asset tokenization platform in the world. Here are the tokenization scenarios on Omnia DeFi:


Let’s say you own a piece of Joan Mitchell or Jordan Casteel that is worth 100k USD. One time, you need money to buy another artwork, to pay for an exhibition tour, or some other reason. On Omnia DeFi, you will be able to get the money you need without selling your artwork by tokenizing it. You just need to scan the artwork, attach all the relevant information, and put it all on Omnia DeFi. After that, your artwork will be divided into a number of tokens and you can sell up to 49% of the total tokens while you still have 51% of the artwork.

The global art market is estimated to be worth 50.1B USD and Omnia DeFi has more than 100M USD worth of artwork on the tokenizing waiting list. This is a great opportunity for Omnia DeFi and us. As we know, the value of artworks always increasing. Artwork owners can earn money without selling theirs and people can own artwork in fractions as well as a new investment opportunity.

Real estate

Say you are a farmer who owns acres of land. If one time you feel that the agricultural business is no longer profitable in some way, you don’t need to sell it. You might be able to turn your farmland into a recreation area, residential area, or something else. On Omnia DeFi, you have the opportunity to get funding by tokenizing the land you own. Same with the artwork scenario, you can sell 49% of the total tokens while you still own 51% of the assets. In addition, land tokenization can help owners to register their land properly.

The global real estate market is estimated to be worth 280.6T USD and less than 1% has not been digitized. There are already up to 415M USD in real estate committed to being tokenized on Omnia DeFi. This is a great opportunity for Omnia DeFi and us. Real estate owners can have the opportunity to develop their land without selling it and people can invest in real estate with little capital. This will be very promising in developing countries.

Omnia DeFi has opened up new opportunities for everyone in the world. Tokenization of Omnia DeFi will create a flow of funds from people who want to invest to people who need it. Thus, the person who invests or the token’s owner will benefit from the increased value of the asset fraction and the owner who tokenizes the asset can get liquidity without liquidating their asset. Ultimately, Omnia DeFi will create distributed wealth in the world.

Omnia DeFi tokens

Omnia DeFi has 3 tokens, namely:


OMNIA is a token for exchange and utility for tokenization efficiency. OMNIA has a total supply of 10,000,000 OMNIA. A 50% onboarding fee will be used to buy and burn OMNIA.

Omnia Asset Token (OAT)

OAT is a currency tied into a smart contract that represents the real value of an asset. OAT is responsible for connecting assets to the blockchain utilizing IPFS for a fully decentralized process.

Omnia Stable Coin (OSC)

OSC is a token pegged to USD whose value is derived from the pool of all OATs.

Omnia DeFi team and family

Omnia DeFi family

For the Omnia DeFi team, you can see it at:

For more information, please visit the Omnia DeFi website and social media:




Telegram group:

Written by: nagauruk




Do your own risk and research. Good luck!

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Harta Karun

Harta Karun

Do your own risk and research. Good luck!

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