StartFi — The Future of NFT

Digitalization has entered into all aspects of human life. And now, art can be digitized via NFT thanks to blockchain. NFT is not only digitizing art but also opens a new market that allows anyone to create and sell digital artworks to potential buyers with a worldwide reach. Even unknown artists can sell their work for millions of dollars with NFT. It is quite surprising that NFT can be received so well by so many people. But this is just the beginning of NFT. NFT is much more than that, it holds a lot of untapped potentials. NFT can be used to play P2E games as it is popular today and soon will be able to be used as copyright and ownership of digital content. It will all be possible with StartFi.

StartFi is an NFT marketplace platform that offers artists, buyers and sellers to participate in the NFT marketplace safely. On StartFi, artists can sell their digital content such as digital art, music, videos or other original content and also have the opportunity to get funding for their next project. As for buyers and sellers, buyers and sellers can trade NFT and become part of the digital content ownership of their favourite artists by funding their future projects. Here’s a brief explanation of StartFi’s features:

StartFi benefits

1. Mint NFT

The number of NFTs being sold at fantastic prices has motivated many people to create and sell their own NFTs. As a result, platforms commonly used to mint NFT, such as OpenSea or Rarible, become crowded and unorganized. This is detrimental to artists because their NFTs can be drowned out by other NFTs, resulting in fewer viewers and lower chances of selling.

This is the perfect time to start using StartFi. Even though it’s new and not yet live, StartFi has a strong community and is supported by well-known investors. This is the most awaited project by many people. Once StartFi is live, artists will experience a less crowded and organized platform with a better audience so that artists can get more viewers and more demand for their NFT.

2. Initial NFT Offering (INO)

StartFI is not only a platform for minting NFT but also an INO platform. Artists who are well-known and have good proof of work in the digital content industry can sign up for StartFi and start fundraising for their upcoming projects by selling NFT for their products. The benefit of INO StartFi is that artists can identify interested users from the StartFi matching mechanism and artists can choose to conduct INO publicly or privately. Apart from that, StartFi also offers several advanced options such as time locks, milestone unlocks, and cross-chain swapping.

StartFi connects artists and fans

To fund artist projects, StartFi will engage the community. Users or fans can fund artist projects and participate in various aspects of governance such as upvoting designs, promoting artists, holding fan meetings, or other activities. In exchange, users or fans will receive rewards in StartFi tokens (STFI) and own the copyright and ownership of the digital content. For example, if a well-known author conducts an INO for his new book, the community can buy NFT for his book and NFT buyers can redistribute, print, or sell the book in online stores.

3. Fan token

On StarFi, big artists can also create a fan token in the form of special limited edition NFTs. Token holders will become fan club members and gain access to exclusive content and rare NFTs. A fan token is a new way to support, show loyalty, and engage with upcoming artist content ideas.

4. Sponsorship contract

E-sports teams will also benefit from using StartFi. On StartFi, e-sports teams can sell sponsorship contracts in auctions using NFT.

StartFi token (STFI)

STFI has a total supply of 100,000,000 STFI with the following distribution:

STFI distribution

STFI is a utility token within the StartFi platform for transaction fees, launchpads, and rewarding ecosystem contributors. STFI holders will get rewards from distribution pools, NFT transaction fees, and staking.

StartFi investors

StartFi investors

STFI is listed on MEXC. If you need more information, please visit StartFi website and social media:




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Do your own risk and research. Good luck!

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Harta Karun

Harta Karun

Do your own risk and research. Good luck!

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