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After many new chains have surfaced in response to Ethereum’s expensive transaction fees, many interesting developments have taken place in the crypto space. Low transaction fees encourage projects to experiment in getting the right formula for their tokenomic and the current trend is taxing each transaction. Tax is intended to reward holders while increasing the possibility of value growth over time. Not only that, tax can also be modified in such a way for larger purposes such as sharing a portion of the tax collected to make a real impact in the world. This is what UnityFund is trying to do. UnityFund will provide an opportunity for us to invest but at the same time help the needy in the form of charity.

Actually, this is not a new thing. There are already other projects that do something similar. What sets UnityFund apart is that UnityFund is built for the long term, unlike others that quit after not long starting. More than 100 professional marketers, designers, developers, and writers support UnityFund and from the beginning of the first version released, UnityFund already has plans for the next version that will increase the level of value created in the ecosystem for holders and charities.

UnityFund V1

As the first version, UnityFund started with taxing transactions. Each transaction is taxed at 10%, of which 4% of it is redistributed to holders as passive income to reward their participation in supporting UnityFund. Another 4.5% will be added to the Pancakeswap pool to reduce the available supply and provide a better trading experience. 0.5% for development and operation and the remaining 1% goes to Binance Charity.

UNITY allocation

UnityFund is an anti-rug pull project. The UnityFund team renounces ownership of the smart contract upon launch to prevent the team from modifying or executing any kind of malicious code. All tokens are stored in 13 time-locked smart contracts. In addition, 30% of UNITY are locked for initial liquidity in the Pancakeswap pool so the team will not have the ability to control liquidity or dump it on the market.

UnityFund V2

The next version of UnityFund with various improvements in tokenomics and architecture from the first version is scheduled to be released in August. UnityFund will add new features and rebuild the smart contract structure to include secondary tokens, staking, yield aggregation, and DAO for governance. The goal of UnityFund V2 remains the same which is to impact the world through charity but more comprehensively and innovatively and provide further value to holders and unlock new forms of value creation. Here are further values for holders:

1. DAO

Holders will be more deeply involved in the charitable process. Holders can add organizations to the list of approved charities and will earn an additional reward by contributing to the charity selection process. DAO allows the entire process of charitable taxation from transactions, charitable proposals for consideration, allocation of voting and charity, conversion of charities, and transfers to selected charities to occur autonomously.

2. Voting

Holders have voting rights in the selection of charities and organizations. UnityFund is currently considering the fairest voting structure in the decision-making process, it can be one vote for one address, token-weighted voting, or other.

3. Charity proposal

In the first version, the charity is sent to Binance Charity. In UnityFund V2, UnityFund will expand the reach of organizations that will receive charitable funds. Holders will be able to submit charity proposals and some UNITY will be burned to submit charity proposals.

If you need more information, please visit UnityFund website and social media:

Website: https://unityfund.finance/

UNITY contract address: https://bscscan.com/token/0xbBd1FbcCBA8038bB2F3AE15a5ed301BB89A64291

Medium: https://medium.com/unityfund

Twitter: https://twitter.com/UnityFundHQ

Telegram group: https://t.me/UnityFundHQ

Author BSC address: 0xDd314F72c7aE970d02BEb51A776228FA8957bF45




Do your own risk and research. Good luck!

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Harta Karun

Do your own risk and research. Good luck!

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